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Bright aurora over a snowy landscape

Aurora Stories Membership

Grow your knowledge and love of the aurora through stories so that you feel uplifted, inspired and connected.

    • Weekly Aurora Stories delivered to your inbox

    • Live virtual events at the start and end of the season* (each with special guest)

    • Private Facebook Group for inspiration and connection with other like-minded souls 

    • Future trips to see the northern lights together!

    • Opportunity to have your stories and photos featured

  • Aurora Stories is ONLY £6/month!

    Invest in your inner well-being for less than 25p per day 😀

    (and get 2 months free if paying annually).

    *Virtual events in September/October and April/May. Currently Aurora Stories is running on the northern hemisphere aurora season. We do include stories of the southern lights and celebrate them equally, but at the moment we can’t run on two separate seasons. We welcome Aurora Stories members from anywhere in the world, but please note that the pre- and post-season events will be the wrong way round for you and you’ll be getting aurora emails during your summer. Of course, northern hemisphere residents will keep getting aurora emails in the summer too (because we love them so much) but we will probably include some "summer stories" as well, such as noctilucent clouds or interesting optical phenomena.