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Personal stories of the most beautiful natural event on the planet & meaningful connection with fellow aurora-lovers

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Aurora Stories is all about sharing things that inspire and uplift us. If you've been wowed by the aurora in art, literature, music or science, or you want to share your own experiences with the group, tell us! You might get featured in on of our Aurora Stories emails 😀 

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Meet your guide:

Dr Melanie Windridge

Hi, I'm Melanie!

I help people grow their love of the aurora through stories so that they feel uplifted and connected.

I often say I'm a physicist, speaker, writer... with a taste for adventure.  

I have a PhD in plasma physics and work in fusion energy, but along the way I got very distracted by another type of plasma... the aurora. And you can see why--It's mesmerising!

I also love skiing and snow, so I was attracted to the Arctic. From my first trip to see the northern lights I was hooked, and I came up with an elaborate plan to travel to various Arctic locations and find out about not just the science, but the people, places, landscape and stories of the aurora. 

That all turned into my book, Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights, published in 2016. 

Since then I've written numerous articles for outlets like Sky at Night, Sunday Times Magazine, Astronomy Now and Forbes, and I started a blog sharing practical tips and stories.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most is the stories that people have shared with me of their own experiences of seeing or chasing the lights. It is such a beautiful, emotive topic.

So I started Aurora Stories so we can all share the magic of the aurora. We can delve into art, poetry, music, travel, photography, science and any other aspect of the aurora that you desire.

I'm here to help you learn more about the aurora and how you can experience it for yourself, so you too can share the wonder with others.

You can find out more about me and my other work on my website, www.melaniewindridge.co.uk 

What's the Aurora Stories format?

Bright aurora over a snowy landscape
  • Weekly Aurora Stories delivered to your inbox

  • Live virtual events at the start and end of the season* (the first talking about science and aurora predictions for the coming year, the second a creative workshop - each with special guest)

  • Private Facebook Group for inspiration and connection with other like-minded souls 

  • Future trips to see the northern lights together!

  • Opportunity to have your stories and photos featured

Investing in your inner well-being for less than 25p per day.

*Virtual events in September/October and April/May. Currently Aurora Stories is running on the northern hemisphere aurora season. We do include stories of the southern lights and celebrate them equally, but at the moment we can’t run on two separate seasons. We welcome Aurora Stories members from anywhere in the world, but please note that the pre- and post-season events will be the wrong way round for you and you’ll be getting aurora emails during your summer. Of course, northern hemisphere residents will keep getting aurora emails in the summer too (because we love them so much) but we will probably include some "summer stories" as well, such as noctilucent clouds or interesting optical phenomena. 

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